Embed Power BI visuals in your office documents

PowerBI Tiles Pro is an Office 365 add-in that allows you to embed and update Power BI reports and dashboards in PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Outlook emails. Try it today and free yourself from taking printscreens of your latest data.

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Goodbye printscreens, hello productivity!

You have a big presentation coming up, and fear you’ll spend more time taking screenshots of Power BI reports than preparing for it. Sounds familiar, right? PowerBI Tiles Pro was developed because we had the same problem. PowerBI Tiles Pro allows you to select data reports directly from PowerPoint, completely removing the need to take screen snapshots and paste low-quality images, and drastically reducing the time spent preparing presentations.

The many ways PowerBI Tiles Pro helps you save time

Embed Power BI visuals in PowerPoint and other office 365 documents

Access your Power BI workspaces directly from PowerPoint, select the reports, dashboards, or visuals of your choice, and add them to your presentation as either high-quality screenshots or real-time data. The entire process is seamless, fast, and assigns a new slide to each report, dashboard, or visual you selected. You can do this with Word documents and Outlook emails as well.

Update your data with a single click

Need to update an entire presentation to the latest numbers? No problem. With a single click on the Refresh button, PowerBI Tiles Pro updates all screenshots you select to the most recent data from Power BI. All formatting, themes, and styles remain unchanged.

Apply filters to your data without ever leaving PowerPoint

Not only can you add any report, dashboard, or visual to your presentation, you can also filter its data beforehand. PowerBI Tiles Pro gives you access to the filter pane of every report, allowing you to filter data as you see fit before adding it to your presentation. With PowerBI Tiles Pro Online, the pane is always accessible so you can apply filter mid-presentation.


Join over 40.000 people worldwide who use PowerBI Tiles Pro. Download the trial version today or upgrade to a yearly license, available from 99.99€

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Frequently Asked Questions


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