Embed Power BI reports in your Office documents

PowerBI Tiles Pro is an Office add-in that allows you to embed Power BI reports in PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Outlook emails. Try it today and free yourself from taking screenshots of your data.

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Goodbye printscreens, hello productivity!

You have a big presentation coming up and you fear you’ll be spending more time taking screenshots of Power BI reports than preparing for it. Does that sound familiar? We had the same problem when we developed PowerBI Tiles Pro. PowerBI Tiles Pro connects Power BI to PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook, and allows you to access your Power BI workspaces directly from these Office applications and insert high-resolution screenshots of any reports and dashboards directly into the presentation, document or email you’re working on. You can say goodbye to taking low-quality screenshots of your reports and pasting them afterward.

What can you do with PowerBI Tiles Pro?

Embed Power BI reports in PowerPoint and other Office documents

You can access your Power BI workspaces directly from PowerPoint, select the reports, dashboards, or single visuals of your choice, and add them to your presentation as high-quality screenshots. The entire process is seamless, fast, and assigns a new slide to each report, dashboard, or visual you select. You can also embed Power BI reports in Word documents and Outlook emails.

Apply filters to your Power BI and refresh your data in PowerPoint

Not only can you add any report, dashboard, or visual to your PowerPoint presentation, but you can also filter your Power BI data at any time. PowerBI Tiles Pro gives you access to the filter pane of every report, allowing you to filter data as you see fit before adding it to your presentation, email, or document. If you ever need to refresh or change the filters on one or more of your embedded Power BI reports, you can also do it directly in PowerPoint, Word, or Outlook. All formatting, themes, and styles remain unchanged.

Integrate live Power BI reports in PowerPoint

One of the most popular Power BI add-ins available on the Office store, PowerBI Tiles Pro Online allows you to integrate real-time Power BI reports in PowerPoint and it’s included with your PowerBI Tiles Pro license. With PowerBI Tiles Pro Online, the latest data from your Power BI dataset is accessible in PowerPoint and fully interactive. The filter pane is always available, allowing you to apply any filters mid-presentation.


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