Your dashboards and reports

delivered everywhere

PowerBI Robots automatically takes screenshots of your Microsoft Power BI dashboards and reports and sends them anywhere, to an unlimited number of recipients. Simply tell PowerBI when and where you want your BI data, and it will take care of delivering it on time.


Automate Power BI reports

Fully automate your company's reporting needs by scheduling PowerBI Robots to run at the frequency that best suits your company’s needs, be it every week, hour, month, etc.
At the time of your choice, PowerBI Robots automatically takes high definition screenshots of your Microsoft Power BI dashboards and reports, and continuously sends them as images or PDF files by email, to a SharePoint library, a file system or any browser.
Thanks to Robot Process Automation (RPA), all you need to do is tell PowerBI Robots what info you need and when you need it and it will take care of delivering it like clockwork.


Send Power BI reports to anyone

PowerBI Robots allows you to routinely send playlists of reports to as many people as you want, from or outside your organization, regardless of being Power BI users.
Because data overwhelm is as bad as not enough data during the decision-making process, PowerBI Robots also allows you to filter your reports as much as you want, so different metrics are sent to different recipients from the same Power BI dashboard.
In a business comprised of different areas, PowerBI Robots allows insightful information to flow to the right people without ever overwhelming them.


Display Power BI reports anywhere

With a single license of PowerBI Robots, you can send reports and dashboards to anyone, but also anywhere. Think where you'd like your report and dashboard screenshots delivered or broadcast and it will most likely support it.
PowerBI Robots allows you to export one or multiple reports as PDFs or images files and attach or embed them on an email, or send them to your company's SharePoint Server or file system.
You can also choose to send them to the cloud and use the generated URL to display your reports wherever you want, be it a small smartphone or a huge smart TV screen. If it runs a web browser, it supports PowerBI Robots.


Power BI Robots completely changed the way we work with Power BI, much for the better. We now design nearly all our reports not to be accessed by users at but distributed via Robots. We also design them to fit on phones, so people can read them as they travel to work. This approach dramatically increased consumption of Power BI reports in our company, so we're extremely happy and very much appreciate the work put into the product.

Simon Adell, Chief Financial Officer, Triplelift

Privacy Guaranteed

Both the user and the company’s privacy is 100% guaranteed with PowerBI Robots. All information used by PowerBI Robots is stored locally on the user’s infrastructure, so it does not collect any information from the user or the reports. Image and PDF files are also generated in the machine running the PowerBI Robots desktop agent.

Order PowerBI Robots now
for only 1099€ per year

* The displayed price is subject to sales tax or VAT according to the customer's location, if applicable. The customer will have the opportunity to review the final price we will charge before submitting an order.

An annual license of PowerBI Robots fits the needs of all companies, and comes with:

  • Unlimited scheduling of Power BI reports
  • The ability to send Power BI reports to an unlimited number of recipients, either in or outside the company
  • The ability to send Power BI reports to any number of emails, SharePoint libraries or devices
  • Free continuous product updates, with the integration of features suggested by the client
  • Includes 5-hour online support


PowerBI Robots is a robot process automation (RPA) tool for Microsoft Power BI that allows users to schedule automatic screenshots of their reports and dashboards and send them via email or to a file system or SharePoint server.

To purchase our solution, please go to our store or contact our support team for more information.

Both versions have the same exact features and functions. The only difference between them is the presence of a watermark on every report and dashboard screenshot captured by the trial version of PowerBI Robots.

Anyone with an Office 365 and a Power BI account can use PowerBI Robots. We advise the end user to be an experienced Microsoft Power BI user, although they don't need to know any programming language to operate PowerBI Robots.

An annual license of Power BI Robots is 1099€ and is valid for one user (one agent per organization/company is usually enough). It includes a 5-hour maintenance fee and access to all versions and updates.

  • A valid Power BI account
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2
    • 8 CPU cores
    • Most critical component. It will use all cores available to render simultaneously the reports. You can later add or remove if necessary
    • 8 GB RAM
    • At least 1GB free space on the user’s temp folder (the user configured to render the PowerBI Robots Windows Service). While rendering the reports, this folder will be used to store temporary information
  • The operative system supported is Windows Server 2012 R2 or superior (on a server) or Windows 7 or superior (on a PC/local machine)

PowerBI Robots consists of two components: a web application (PowerBI Robots web) and a Windows application (which we call PowerBI Robots Agent) installed on the client's infrastructure. The playlists' configuration is done through the web application, allowing the user to select reports and/or dashboards, apply filters, select the sending provider (email, SharePoint, file system or PowerBI Robots Cloud) and set recurrence. Apart from the email used to create an account, DevScope doesn't save any customer data. All sensitive data (PowerBI tokens, email provider configuration or SharePoint, if applied) is saved in the client's infrastructure when using the PowerBI Robots agent meaning that DevScope doesn't have access to any of this information.

For special reseller conditions, please contact our team at

Pricing for NGO's/Educational institutions is the retail price minus a 10% discount. To get a special promo code, you must contact our support team prior to the purchase at our store.

PowerBI Robots enables you to apply report and page level filters from the filter pane in your reports and dashboards. You can also apply bookmarks, slicers and drill-downs.

You can test any of your playlists (enabled or disabled) in the PowerBI Robots Agent without running the service. It's also possible to override your playlist destination to a new folder to perform your initial tests (even if your playlist has an email or SharePoint list as its destination).

PowerBI Robots works with Power BI Online and Report Server as you can see in the image below.

The limitations are subjacent to the fact that you will not be able to use the filter settings because reports are rendered through a direct URL (limitations of Microsoft's API). For example, you won't be able to select/change bookmarks or slicers. Also, we don't guarantee that you will be able to customize filters when using this kind of report source. 

When configuring your playlists, you can choose your visual format from the following options:

  • Image
  • A4 PDF (single or multiple pages)
  • Letter size PDF (single or multiple pages)
  • Excel (single or multiple with the visual´s data)
Important note: Exporting to Excel only supports data from report visuals

With the current license model, there are no limitations on the number of playlists, visuals or recipients. However there are certain aspects that must be taken into account regarding the performance of the system:

  • The rendering speed is directly related to the number of cores of the machine where the PowerBI Robots agent is installed. For e.g. an Octa Core processor will render your playlist twice as fast as a Quad Core processor.
  • If your playlist has the same visual with the same filter sent to 100 recipients, only one image render will occur. However if you have 100 different filters, the image will render 100 times meaning that the delivery of the playlist may take up to 1 hour, for this example (each visual may take around 30/40 seconds to render).
  • At DevScope's blog you can find a PowerBI Robots 101-tutorial or a 4-step quick guide which enables you to quickly set up our report automation system.

    Please make sure that:

    • Confirm that the "My ID" is the same at both PowerBI Robots Web and Agent
    • You have downloaded and installed the latest version of the PowerBI Robots agent
    • Synchronize your playlists at the Agent before testing/sending them
    • Confirm the status of your license on your PowerBI Robots agent - it must say “Valid”

    PowerBI Robots enables you to apply report and page level filters from the filter pane in your reports and dashboards. You can also apply bookmarks, slicers and drill-downs.

    However, this feature requires technical expertise to set up (if you want to do so, read this intuitive tutorial at our blog or follow the instructions at PowerBI Robots' backoffice at the "Help Center" tab).

    The emails are sent by your SMTP server and you need to enter the correct information. Please confirm the SMTP "Host" and "Port" are correct, also, please ask your IT team to choose which SMTP security fits your needs, if you go to the "Providers tab at the PowerBI Robots Agent you will be able to choose one of the following options:

  • Auto - the application will decide which SSL or TLS options to use (default). If the server does not support SSL or TLS, then the connection will continue without any encryption.
  • None - No SSL or TLS encryption should be used.
  • SSL or TLS - The connection should use SSL or TLS encryption immediately.
  • TLS - Elevates the connection to use TLS encryption immediately after reading the greeting and capabilities of the server. If the server does not support the STARTTLS extension, then the connection will fail
  • TLS (when available) - Elevates the connection to use TLS encryption immediately after reading the greeting and capabilities of the server, but only if the server supports the STARTTLS extension.
  • If you have Office365 or Gmail account you can just select from the dropdown "SMTP Config" the value and PowerBI Robots will fill automatically. You only need to enter your email and password to send the emails.

    The only information collected on the PowerBI Robots web application is the user's email when a new account is created. That email is used to identify the user and send him or her notifications regarding PowerBI Robots such as updates or policy changes. That email may also be used to market DevScope products or services. We never share or sell our users' email contact or other information to third-party companies. Users may opt-out of these marketing emails at any time by accessing their account. The PowerBI website also uses a cookie (a small text file) with the sole purpose of facilitating the authentication process of returning users. Please refer to your browser's policy to learn how to disable and delete cookies.

    The PowerBI Robots agent doesn't collect any personal information. All information used on the PowerBI Robots agent is stored locally, on the user's infrastructure.

    When entering your Power BI account’s credentials, you will be prompted with any information needed to login.
    When using a SMTP account with MFA enabled, you need to create an application password. For more details, please follow this link.

    The schedule is not on our system; it's a local scheduler. We use a HangFire-based scheduler running locally on the machine alongside the PowerBI Robots Agent. We did this by design so our servers wouldn’t store any info regarding the data content itself or any credentials that you own. The only thing we store on our servers is the playlist you generate, containing PowerBI URL addresses and filters. These playlists are stored locally and encrypted using local machine security in the file “PBIRobotsService.config”, located in the app folder.

    Images and PDFs are always generated locally, i.e., on the computer running the agent. If you choose to send your report playlist to PowerBI Robots Cloud, the generated images are uploaded to an Azure Blob Storage owned by DevScope. When you select this open, that’s explicitly stated in the web app, and you must accept it. You also have the option to do this locally (please refer to the Slideshow tab on the web agent’s Helper to learn how to do it). If you generate PDFs or the target is a file system, the generated content is stored locally or where you specify it.

    There are two points in time where we ask for the user's Power BI credentials: when configuring the agent and when creating the playlist. We ask for credentials because the only way to display and generate images form Power BI is by using the Power BI SDK, and we need to provide PowerBI with a security token to access its data. This security token is returned by the Power BI SDK and is always stored locally as a session cookie with an expiration date and following the OAuth protocol.

    • DevScope doesn't save/store the web application's access token on the server side. These tokens are session-wide only and stored in a cookie on the client's browser On the Agent Service app, the token is stored and encrypted locally on the client/user’s computer;
    • All security follows Microsoft's guidelines for accessing the Power BI API and uses the provided Microsoft SDKs;
    • The permissions required by our app are explicitly defined in its Azure directory;
    DevScope guarantees that no tokens are ever used because they aren't saved on our servers at any point of the workflow. They are always saved locally, either on the client's browser or the agent’s computer. We went through a big engineering effort to guarantee that we don’t keep any Microsoft security credentials on our side.

    We have a multi-purpose support team dedicated to our products.

    When testing our solutions with the trial version, our team will answer any pre-sales questions about licensing, purchase methods, resellers, etc. Questions related to technical issues/bugs may also be analysed and answered by our team (in a maximum of 2 tickets/interactions) but online support is not included in this stage.

    The licensed version includes 5-hours of online support. Any extra support hours must be estimated and charged by the unit (30 minutes) at the rate of 150€/hour. It is also possible to celebrate a maintenance contract with DevScope. For more information, please contact us at

    DevScope's support team works Monday to Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. All tickets will be sorted by urgency and redirected to the correct department. First contact will occur within 48 hours after entering our support platform.

    To know more about about PowerBI Robots, just visit DevScope's blog or access our YouTube channel.

    License generation may take 48 hours upon your purchase. You will receive an email containing your license key information and product support information (if applicable).

    PowerBI Robots may be used with a Power BI Pro account and in case you already have a Power BI Embedded subscription, PowerBI Robots has the ability to manage your embedded capacity.

    • Agent – add CC and BCC addresses when sending reports by email.
    • Web - Customize CC and BCC email addresses.
    • Web – Edit filters in bulk using an Excel file

    Find more details in the blog post.

    • Agent - Fixed an issue that prevented embedded reports from showing in emails.
    • Agent - Removed the max width of embedded reports from the email body.
    • Agent – Fixed issues related to the creation of PDF files.
    • Agent – Fixed issues related to playlist history updates.
    • Agent - Users can now stop sending playlists whenever they encounter a timeout/error.
    • Agent – Report images can now be embedded in emails instead of annexed.
    • Agent - Improved PDF image quality – now exactly the same as when you export from Power BI.
    • Agent - New PDF size format available: US letter size
    • Agent - Overall improved performance

    Find more details in the blog post.

    • Agent - Render performance improvements.
    • Agent - Specifying a user to run the PowerBI Robots service is no longer mandatory.
    • Agent - New engine with improved timeout and rendering ability.
    • Web - Apply filters hotfix.
    • Web - Option to enable/disable playlists
    • Web - Added option to enable/disable playlists.
    • Web - New output format: PDF will adjust to the image width.
    • Web - Added option to reorder visuals in the playlist.
    • Web - Added two new rendering options: full dashboard and add link from report server.
    • Agent - Playlists now run on the local machine’s time (they previously ran on UTC time).
    • Web - Added HTML Edit to customize the email body.
    • Web - Added tokens to use in the email subject and body.
    • Web - Added playlist execution history.
    • Web - Added duplicate option to playlist.
    • Web - Added rendering settings to playlist.
    • Web - Added recurrence minutes.
    • Web - Improved report/dashboard navigation.

    Find more details in the blog post.

    • Agent - Timeouts fixes.
    • Agent - Fixed problem with Windows zoom.
    • Agent - Other minor bug fixes.
    • Web – New wizards for create/editing a playlist.
    • Web - Added new delivery method: PowerBI Robots Cloud.
    • Web - Added playlist slideshow.


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