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    Transform data into results.

Business Intelligence has grown to become an integral part of nearly every organization. The ability to transform large amounts of data into actionable insights allow decisions to be backed by numbers and help achieve business goals with confidence. We provide companies Business Intelligence services for data integration (ETL), data analytics, and innovative business reporting.

Powered by Microsoft Power BI, our Business Intelligence services can help your organization step into the world of data-driven decisions our modernize your current analytics systems. Our team can completely revamp your business by giving your organization the tools to extract insights from all the data you are collecting and turn it into valuable information. By applying data and analytics to real business scenarios, companies can gain market share, increase profitability, and detect irregular situations they must address.

We broke with the past. Power BI sort of revolutionized the company's strategic management. It's now based on Power BI and the information it gives us. I rarely resort to Excel files, and when I do, they're always connected to Power BI. The whole company is.

Paulo Salgado, CEO, Olicargo

DevScope's Business Intelligence team works under the motto “Start Small, Grow Big”, which translates into a solution implemented in an Agile way with short and fast iterations, modifying it to answer the client's problems and scaling it according to their needs. This working philosophy allows for a tailored approach, so clients only need to implement – and spend – as much as their business needs.


We have a large experience implementing Microsoft Power BI and helping organizations

  • Create a robust and scalable business intelligence infrastructure
  • Develop a solid business intelligence vision and strategy
  • Improve the overall quality of your data
  • Streamline access across multiple sources
  • Train local professionals to maximize ROI and follow all best practices
  • Implement tools that help identify key insights and act on them
  • Structure Power BI deployment and reporting in large scale, following all best practices and coping with governance standards
  • Advising – specialized consulting services that assure Power BI deployment follows all quality standards


How Power BI shaped Olicargo's global operation

Olicargo's international expansion faced a few challenges, chief among them the ability to centralize, access and control information. After witnessing the work we did with Power BI for Contidis, Olicargo got in touch with us. This is the story behind the impact Power BI had on Olicargo.

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How Power BI gave Medvida's reporting speed and reliability

All companies need fast and accurate information, and this is especially valid for those whose operations are continents apart. At Medvida, Power BI not only introduced the much-needed efficiency and speed to the company's financial data analysis, but it also bridged the distance between Portugal and Angola.

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Transdev unifies its many databases with SQL Server and Power BI

Transdev Portugal's operation grew immensely through a series of mergers and acquisitions, and that meant crossing and extracting data from multiple systems and databases. In this case study, we show how our team unified Transdev Portugal's many systems and introduced Power BI, allowing for an optimal way to read data and use it in the company's decision-making process.

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Business Intelligence is for companies of all sizes. Start small grow big is a methodology developed by DevScope's Head of BI and Microsoft MVP Rui Romano that translates into an agile and scalable way to tackle problems that can be solved with business intelligence. This allows for a tailored approach, so clients only need to implement – and spend – according to their business needs.


Rui Romano is a Business Intelligence Manager at DevScope and a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. One of the biggest references in Power BI in Europe, Rui Romano is a frequent speaker at international events on Microsoft's platform.


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